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How to Make the Most of Your Balance Pad


The yoga balance pad is a great tool to add to your yoga or fitness practice. It helps increase core strength just by standing on the pad. Using the pad will add an extra element of challenge with basic standing postures to one legged balance poses and even advanced arm balances. Your coordination and basic motor skills will be improved while using the balance pad because of the pad's destabilizing properties. Your balance may be very sophisticated on level, flat ground but while standing on the pad, you are forced to use your tiny stabilizing muscles. The balance pad also has a wonderful place in physical rehabilitation. The pad's soft support can assist in kneeling, sitting, standing on all fours......Read below for some great, basic tips on how to make the most of your balance pad.

From here, ground down all four corners of the right foot and take the left heel to your right inner ankle. Take a few breaths and keep your gaze at a still point directly in front of you. Once you feel comfortable here, take the soul of your left foot to your right lower leg. Stay here and find steadiness. Once you have held your balance for a few breaths, you might move that left foot to your upper right inner thigh. Whatever you do, please avoid pressing the right foot into your knee. Always avoid pressing your knee joint. Switch sides.

To add a little strength training, here is a great way to make your thighs, quadriceps and hamstrings stronger. Stand on the balance pad with feet and knees hips width apart, keeping the heels directly behind the toes. Arms rest along your sides. Squat down, pressing your butt behind you and down towards the earth. To add an extra element of challenge, extend your arms directly in front of you, finger tips in line with your shoulders. (See photos 8, 9).

Start simple and basic. Look for another blog on the balance pad which will go over more advanced tips. Most important, please have fun, don't get discouraged, and be consistent. Balance is something that improves with time and practice.

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