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Free of Judgement

You often here words in yoga such as “acceptance” and “nonjudgmental”. While it’s really easy to share these ideas, it’s harder said than done, especially when applying to ourselves. But the truth is, despite all the uniquely advanced poses and talent in yoga culture today, an integral part of the practice of yoga is truly about acceptance of yourself and not judging your own practice.

We posted a beautiful picture on Instagram just the other day with a caption reminding us to avoid limiting our expectations when it comes to our yoga practices or poses. I think this is essential when it comes to progress and maximizing the benefits of yoga. Too often we cling to an idealistic perspective on what we should be able to do in a given amount of time, and this can contribute to competition and potential frustrations or judgement.

Because yoga promotes ease and wellness, you’ll find that the most progress comes from simply dedicating your time on the mat, doing the best you can, and avoid comparing yourself to others or your own personal expectations of what you can or cannot accomplish. Most of all, be sure to trust the process and enjoy the moments of improvement and self discovery!

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