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Five Ways To Upgrade Your Yoga Practice


1. Consistency

It’s an age-old trick to getting good at everything… Practice! Practice at home, do regular classes, practice, practice, practice and it will all come together.

There’s no one-trick-wonder to suddenly finding yourself in the position of Master Yogi, everyone has to work to get there and that’s part of the joy – it’s your hard work that’s gotten you there and no one can take that away from you.

And once you’ve practiced your way to mastery, practice some more. Yoga is always a work in progress and you’ll constantly find yourself getting better and better and loving your practice more and more.

2. Upgrade Your Kit

Sure, you can practice yoga anywhere and anytime with no equipment, but why would you when the kit available to you makes doing yoga so much better?

Think about upgrading your mat from that one you just grabbed off the shelf when you first thought about dipping your toe into yoga, to a state of the art Clever Yoga LiquidBalance Premium Non-Slip Yoga Mat and you’ll immediately notice the difference.

Whether you’re just starting out, or a seasoned practitioner, getting a good mat will make all the difference. From giving you more confidence in your poses to challenging your core in new ways, you'll be building all the right muscles.

3. Breathe Deep

Yes, I know, your yoga teacher probably tells you every class to breathe, but as everyone who’s ever given yoga a go knows, it all starts with your breathing.

Why not commit a few minutes a day to perfecting your breath and watch as your whole yoga game changes and improves.

4. Challenge Yourself

Challenge yourself daily! This goes for all things, not just yoga, but especially for yoga, if you find yourself getting stuck in a routine, bring in some new challenges, there will always be something new for you to try, whatever your level.

Whether it’s trying out the advanced class, trying out a new kind of yoga or even trying out a new piece of equipment, there is always room to grow.

Why not try a Yoga Wheel? Our Yoga Wheel is expertly designed to help you open up your chest, shoulders and back and really stretch your quad and hip flexors, all while opening up a myriad of new poses for you to try.

5. Have Fun

If you’re not having fun, you’re doing something wrong. Having fun is the key ingredient to really improving your yoga, loving what you’re doing goes such a long way to keeping you enthusiastic and getting better and better every time your practice.

So, if you’re not enjoying what you’re doing, maybe give another kind of yoga a go or speak to your teacher about what might be going wrong.

There are dozens of videos on our YouTube channel for you to experiment with all different types and levels of yoga to really find out what suits you.

Improve Your Flexibility With CleverYoga’s Yoga Wheel!

At CleverYoga we have everything you need to help you challenge yourself when you’re practicing yoga. We are all practicing yogis and we understand the importance of quality, so all of our products have been tried, tested, and designed for you to get the most out of yoga.
Our carefully designed Yoga Wheel will improve your flexibility, as well as helping you reach new heights in your practice and bring new challenges to your poses.
Our Yoga Wheel supports and assists in challenging poses and inversions, helping you to advance, as well as move deeper into poses like backbends, forearm balances, and heart openers.
The innovative round wheel, with grippy padding on both sides, will help Yogis of all experience levels and ages add versatility, as well as maximum comfort and incredible traction to postures.  Watch as your flexibility improve with this tool, loosening tight muscles - even use it to roll out your spine, for that just-massaged feeling

Our Yoga Wheel allows you, whatever your level, to perform any movement with confidence, it is one of the strongest wheels on the market, giving you peace of mind in your poses. Enjoy your practice as your Yoga Wheel builds your strength, increases your muscles tone and deepens your stretches. You’ll wonder how you ever worked without it!

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