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Fight Infertility with These 6 Yoga Poses


Women battling infertility often look for new ways that will help them to become pregnant. Yoga is one of them! 

Researchers studied two groups of more than 100 women who were having trouble getting pregnant and after half of them incorporated yoga into their routine for three months, 63 percent of women became pregnant while 43 percent of women in the group who did not do yoga did not get pregnant. Preliminary findings also showed a significant reduction in anxiety scores from all patients who did yoga.

Yoga has been known to lower stress which is a major factor for women dealing with infertility. Besides battling stress, certain yoga poses can also increase blood flow to the pelvic region and release muscle tension. Let’s take a look at which poses are best to boost fertility.

Half-Knee to Ankle

This pose opens up your hips to better align your uterus, increasing the chance of conception.

Sit in staff pose with your right knee bent. Put your right ankle on your thigh above your left knee. Keep your left foot flexed. Flex your right foot and press the palm of your left hand against the sole of your right foot. Place your right hand about your right knee and press your thigh down firmly. Hold for three breaths and repeat on the other side.

Alternating Knee to Chest

This pose can release tension in tight hip flexors and help correct alignment. By increasing circulation, you can increase your chance of getting pregnant.

To get started, lie on your back with your left leg straight on the floor, foot flexed. Bend your right knee into your chest and clasp your hands around the top of your shin. If you can’t reach, you can always use a towel. Hold for five breaths and release. Repeat on the other side.

Seated Twist

When you twist you wring out any tension in your organs and muscles that can be preventing you from conceiving.

Sit with your legs crossed. Put your left hand on your right knee and inhale. Engage your abdominal muscles and twist to your right. Reach your right fingertips to the floor behind you. Make sure your neck follows the movement. Hold the pose for 8 to 10 breaths before releasing and repeating on the other side.

Bee Breath (Bhramari Pranayama)

Bust stress that could be contributing to your infertility with Bhramari Pranayama, or Bee Breath.  This pose helps to get rid of anxiety.

Close your eyes and sit straight. Put your index fingers on the cartilage of your ears. Take a deep breath in and gently press the cartilage when you exhale. Do this six to seven times while making a humming sound.

To improve flexibility, try the Clever Yoga Yoga Wheel. Click here to check out the Yoga Wheel now!

Shoulder Stand

Getting a few shoulder stands into your exercise routine can help to stimulate the thyroid gland. Thyroid issues are known to contribute to infertility.

Lie down with your legs stretched out and your arms along your sides, palms up. Lift your legs so they are at a 90-degree angle. Press your palms into the floor and lift your waist. Bring your legs forward but keep them vertical to the ground.

Use your palms to support your waist as you raise your legs to a 90-degree angle with the floor. Hold for a minute and a half. Slowly lower your legs and back. Put your hands on the ground as the rest of your body lowers.

Cobra Pose

Cobra Pose, or Bhujangasana (boo-jang-GAHS-anna), helps to increase blood flow to the ovaries and uterus. It also balances hormones and produces cervical mucus which helps with conception. This pose is one of the best to improve fertility.

Lie on your stomach with your palms towards the floor and the top of your feet touching the floor. Inhale and exhale slowly as you lift the top of your body and arch your back. Push your feet, hands, and hips down. Hold for thirty seconds. Release your body to the floor.

To work out any former back tension or pain experienced during any of these stretches and poses, try incorporating a Yoga Block. They're commonly used in physical therapy sessions and can help you as you try these fertility-boosting poses! 

Check with your doctor before starting any new exercise program. Once you get the green light, practice some yoga moves with a pose or two every day. Incorporating yoga into your routine is a powerful way to balance your hormones and improve fertility.


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