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COVID-19 Safety: Five Yoga Practices To Do At Home


Attention and awareness surrounding the coronavirus has been on the rise by the day. During difficult times such as these, it’s that much more crucial that we take care of our full well-being - physically, mentally, and emotionally. Safety for yourself and others is of upmost importance.

As of March 15, the Yoga Alliance is strongly encouraging all in-person yoga classes to be put on hold in communities that are observing social distancing. If you and your yoga studio are affected by this, what better time than now to strengthen your at-home yoga practice?

Did you know Clever Yoga offers tons of practices you can do right at home? Check out the full collection on our YouTube channel!

Here are five practices for every yogi.

10 Minute Energizing Morning Flow

Wake up, salute the sun, and get ready to tackle the day with this ten minute energizing morning flow. With intention setting, quick movements, and breathing exercises you will be ready to bring forth all the zen in all the activities on your to-do list!

Yoga Routine For Stress Relief And Relaxation

Now more than ever, we could all use some stress relief and relaxation. This beginner-friendly practice will help you feel calm, cool, and collected.

Yoga Poses For Improved Balance And Core Strength

Don’t put your balance practice on home just because your favorite studio may be closed. Check out this video to learn some yoga poses for improved balance and core strength. (Featured in this video is the Clever Yoga Balance Pad - purchase yours here.)

Full Body Yoga Routine For Flexibility And Strength

This is a full body yoga routine you can use on a daily basis or incorporated into your own yoga practice! This routine will work your whole body and will help you increase your flexibility and strength. The great part about this routine is that even beginners can use it and get great benefits!

10 Minute De-Stress Yoga Flow

Check out this 10-minute yoga flow will settle your nervous system and allow your body to calm before bed. In this practice you will focus on your breathing, releasing your spine, chest, and shoulders. Feel free to grab a blanket and pillow to make this practice more restorative!

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