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Clever Yoga's Balance Pad Ranks #2!!!

Clever Yoga's Balance Pad Ranks #2!!!

We are so proud of our Clever Yoga Balance Pad for ranking #2 in the 2017 Wiki of the Best Balance Pads

This study utilized over 30 hours of research to come to its conclusion! 

While we are extremely happy about the results, we can't say we are too surprised. After all, our balance pad was designed to produce amazing results for our customers!

Here are just a few of the benefits of our balance pad (and why we recommend adding one to your yoga equipment).

Strengthen your Core and Protect your Back

By using a balance pad, you really put those core muscles in the trunk of your body to work. Your abdominals, back and quadriceps will feel the extra burn. The balance pad is designed to de-stabalize your body so that your muscles have to compensate to give you the balance you require for varying moves and positions. Developing these muscles will protect your back during day-to-day activities.

Improve your Balance, Stability and Coordination

All of your tiny stabilizing muscles will get an extra workout any time you use our balance pad. These muscles are found in your ankles, knees and hips. They rarely get a targeted workout, but by using a balance pad, they will get stronger and improve your balance and coordination. Your motor skills will improve simply by standing on the balance mat for 10 minutes per day on one leg.


The muscle tone you will gain from using your balance pad will help you recover faster from fractures, sprains and injuries. On top of that amazing benefit, you can actually use the balance pad in rehab activities and exercises. The soft pad will support your knees and elbows allowing muscles and bones to repair and strengthen safely.

Support at your Desk

Whether you sit or stand while on your computer, the balance pad can help keep your core engaged or provide extra cushion. Simply sit or stand on your balance pad while you work. You'll engage your core and provide a cushion to your lower back and pelvis. 

Worry Free Investment

So, what are you waiting for? With all of these amazing benefits backed up by the ranking in 2017 Wiki of the Best Balance Pads, I'm sure that you are convinced to give our balance pad a try. And your investment is 100% worry-free. You are backed up by our "Namaste" warranty which guarantees that we will replace your pad or refund you if you aren't completely satisfied. We are comfortable offering you this warranty because we have such high confidence in our products!

Grab your balance pad today!


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