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An Introduction to Yoga Wheels

There is a new trend in the world of yoga and it is quickly becoming the must-have product of the year. It has been seen in the hands of well-known yogis everywhere, along with celebrities sharing their love for it. This rising star is the yoga wheel. Upon entering the market, many yogis have been skeptical as how it will be able to assist in their practice at its high price point. It is not necessarily the easiest purchase to make despite the fact that it’s being featured continually on social media and with the increasing integration of the yoga wheel in yoga practice.

This practice wheel is strategically used for opening the back and shoulders and deepening backbends. It helps in reversing the extensive amount of forward positioning that is resulted by our modern societal habits. It can be a lifesaver. Perhaps the yoga wheel looks intimidating, it does not look appealing to lay back on it’s lean, circle shape. The yoga wheel, however, is a circular yoga prop to help yogis open the front side of the body, rolling out the spine, and providing assistance in advanced postures in yoga.

It has many functions for improving balance, deepening your practice, and aligning your posture. It massages the spine and relieves tension in hard to reach areas. It is an amazing tool in helping to reverse poor posture and rounded shoulders due to prolonged sitting. To begin, find space on the ground and bring the yoga wheel directly behind you, connecting with your sacrum and low back. You may roll back until your head touches the ground or until you have found tension in your stretch. The yoga wheel also helps in opening the front side body and assists in deep backbends.

Often, if you have not had history in dance, gymnastics or acrobatics, backbends can feel impossible and intimidating. This is where the yoga wheel can significantly excel your progress. You will also be able to use this wheel for accessing deeper, more advanced variations of backbends in poses like the headstand or forearm balance. Aside from heart opening aspects and stretching, the wheel can also help in improving flexibility. Using the wheel as leverage, you can deepen your poses further than what is possible without the yoga wheel.

Lastly, this wheel can help in strengthening and challenging your balance. There are many variations of balancing on the yoga wheel or performing poses that become balance poses using the wheel. Your core will also significantly improve with these balance postures. The Yoga wheel is a deceptively simple cylinder, which is very useful to have around when it comes to diversifying, progressing, and improving your yoga practice. It is versatile enough to be accessible for various levels of skill, and teachers may find it especially useful in working with small groups and private clients.

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