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8 Must-Follow Instagram Accounts For Yoga and More


The only thing better than getting your daily dose of yoga on the mat is getting your daily dose of yoga off the mat. If you often find yourself aimlessly scrolling through social media, wishing there was a little more mindfulness in your feed, make sure you add these eight Instagram accounts to your followed list.

1. @jadealectra

Follow if you’re looking for: spirituality, fitness, lifestyle

Jade Alectra’s bio says that her profile “will feel like reading parts of my journal you shouldn’t,” and she isn’t kidding. Her captions read like diary entries, with no detail left behind. In addition to yoga content you’ll also find Jade sharing videos of her working out in the gym or with her trainer, as well as information about her latest retreats and how to take part in her eye-gazing and death meditations.

2. @yogimemes

Follow if you’re looking for: humor, memes, male yogis

If you like your yoga with a side of humor, @yogimemes should be your first stop. Pedro Luna, the man behind @yogimemes, regularly serves up hilarious yoga-related memes. Pedro is also one half of The Yogi Show Podcast, which he cohosts with none other than Yogi Bryan.

3. @yogi_bryan

Follow if you’re looking for: humor, memes, male yogis

The second half of The Yogi Show Podcast, Yogi Bryan is here to remind us that sometimes we don’t have to take yoga so seriously. He’s here to share yoga memes and is also bringing yoga and meditation to the TikTok world, so be sure to check out his videos, too.

4. @theyogacouple

Follow if you’re looking for: spirituality, reading, retreats, lifestyle

This account is run by two halves of a whole married yoga couple, Mathew and Asherah. Mat and Ash are yoga teachers and holistic healers who share their secrets to finding joy and happiness as a couple and individually. No topic is too personal or taboo. From women’s cycles to sobriety, addiction, and marriage, Mat and Ash are not afraid to open up. Together they wrote a book, “The Inner Work: An Invitation to True Freedom and Lasting Happiness,” which they recommend is for anyone looking for happiness in their life. They also lead Inner Work retreats around the world where you can take a look inside and get in touch with your true self - if you’re ready.

5. @yogaressa

Follow if you’re looking for: meditations, inspirational quotes

Julie Murphy aka “Yogaressa” is well known for her meditations and yoga nidras. As soon as you hear the soothing power of her voice, you’ll understand why her experiences are loved by thousands of students on Insight Timer. Her page highlights her latest meditation updates as well as mantras that will grace your feed and add a light to your day.

6. @dade2shelby

Follow if you’re looking for: fitness, male yogis, retreats, poses

If you’re looking to make a case that men can and should in fact be doing yoga, look no further than Derrick “DJ” Townsel. DJ left a football career and became a yoga instructor, showing that you can in fact do it all. He leads retreats around the world, so be sure to follow him to see where you can catch him next.

7. @melisfit_

Follow if you’re looking for: lifestyle, fitness, poses, workouts

At first glance, Melissa Metrano’s profile doesn’t look like a yoga page - she gives you an inside glimpse into her life and family, gracing her profile with lots of sweet photos of her baby girl, Izzy, and her dog, Brady. She also shared a lot of updates about her recent pregnancy. But you’ll also find yoga poses, sequences, and some workout videos.

8. @mynameisjessamyn

Follow if you’re looking for: body positivity, poses, activism, fitness

Jessamyn Stanley is here to remind you that all bodies are yoga bodies. She’s the author of “Every Body Yoga: Let Go of Fear, Get on the Mat, Love Your Body,” an uplifting book with an inspiring message: yoga is for everyone. She is also an advocate for cannabis policy and education, and she’s the founder of The Underbelly Yoga, which offers a variety of yoga classes you can take right in your home.

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