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How to Use a Yoga Strap to Open Your Hips and Hamstrings


Are you a runner? Cyclist? Walker? Desk-sitter? A person in normal life?

In today's day in age, chances are that you have tight hips and hamstrings!

Thankfully, even just FIVE minutes a day with a yoga strap can help to bring you back to balance.

yoga strap practice 5 minutes clever yoga

You only need FIVE MINUTES and a YOGA STRAP to be able to find some relief from running, desk sitting, and other aspects of life that get you tight.

1) Come lying down on your yoga mat and bend both knees, planting the feet under your heels. Loop the strap around your heel of your left foot, holding onto the strap with both the right hand and left hand. Extend the left foot towards the ceiling, straightening the leg, as shown below:

clever yoga strap left leg straighten suzanne

You may have the flexibility to straighten the right leg.

clever yoga strap straight leg band stretch suzanne

Stay for at least three to five deep full breaths.

2) Re-bend the right leg if you are newer to yoga. Begin to cross the left leg ever so slightly over your midline, so that you are getting a slight twist and feeling a stretch along the IT band of the left leg. You may want to take the strap in the opposite hand (right hand) to make this stretch easier. Again, stay for at left three to five deep breaths.

clever yoga strap it band stretch suzanne

3) From here now take the left leg back to center. Bring both ends of the strap into your left hand. Begin to open the left leg out to the left side. Again, you may keep your feet planted or you may extend the opposite leg.  Only open the leg out to the side so far as you can comfortable keep the right hip planted on the ground. (If it starts to lift up, bring the left foot closer to the center line.)

clever yoga strap straighten right leg flexibility

Once again, hold for at least three to five full, long, deep inhalations and exhalations. 4) Repeat on second side!!

Do you use a strap to open your hips and hamstrings? Let us know in the comments below!

Thank you to Suzanne Aronoff for the modeling help with this blog post! Suzanne is both a licensed massage therapist and yoga instructor in Tampa, Florida. Practicing massage therapy since 1992, Suzanne completed her massage instruction at the Wellness and massage Training Institute in Willowbrook, Illinois and is licensed in both Ohio (license #8543) and Florida (MA 73226).  Suzanne completed her yoga teacher training in Beachwood,Ohio in 2012 at Cleveland Yoga and holds a 200 hour certification.  For more information on Suzanne, visit her website.  Please look for future tutorials, modeling, and more from this wonderful practicioner!

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