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Restorative: Supine Butterfly Pose With Blocks

Restorative: Supine Butterfly Pose With Blocks

Find instant restoration in supine butterfly pose with blocks!


Nothing can be sweeter at the end of the day than taking time to relax in a restorative butterfly pose (also known as reclining bound angle or supta baddha konasana) using our Clever Yoga blocks. Start lying down on your back in savasana with your blocks on either side of your body. (In easy access to your hands.) Bend your knees and place the souls of the feet together, so that the feet press against one another. From there open the knees out to either side, but keeping the feet pressing together.  Place one of our blocks under each knee, as shown below.


Release your lower back towards your heels. (You may want to reach under and help guide your buttocks towards your heels with your hands.) Soften the shoulder blades onto the mat. Close the eyes from top to bottom. Let go.


Stay here for anywhere from five to ten minutes.  If you have any pain in the knees, adjust the height of the blocks or come out of the pose. This pose can be great at the end or beginning of your home practice or by itself when you need to unwind. What is your favorite way to practice butterfly pose? Do you love to recline--or prefer the active seated posture? Let us know in the comments below! Thank you to Suzanne Aronoff for the modeling help with this blog post! Suzanne is both a licensed massage therapist and yoga instructor in Tampa, Florida. Practicing massage therapy since 1992, Suzanne completed her massage instruction at the Wellness and massage Training Institute in Willowbrook, Illinois and is licensed in both Ohio (license #8543) and Florida (MA 73226).  Suzanne completed her yoga teacher training in Beachwood,Ohio in 2012 at Cleveland Yoga and holds a 200 hour certification.  For more information on Suzanne, visit her website.  Please look for future tutorials, modeling, and more from this wonderful practicioner!


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