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5 Easy Yoga Poses for After a Big Meal


The holiday season is fast approaching and with that comes the tradition of sitting down to a big meal with the family. Many times there is more food on the table for this one meal than we would eat in a whole week! That can lead to digestive problems and a bloated stomach, leaving you ready for nothing but a nap.

You can bust those belly problems and feelings of fullness with some easy yoga poses after your big meal. Take a look…

Seated Cat-Cow

This pose is great for your spine and is also an internal massage. As you do this pose and contract your abdominals you can deal with indigestion problems that can pop up after a big meal.

Start by propping yourself up on a blanket so that your spine is straight. Get into the cow portion of the pose by inhaling and moving your belly forward while keeping your shoulders back and back arched. As you exhale and get into cat pose, pull your belly inward and shoulders forward. Repeat this flow several times.

Leg Binding Pose

Twist poses like these help to rid your body of toxins and give all of your digestive organs the fresh blood flow they need to function properly.

Start by sitting on a folded blanket or mat for support. Stretch one leg out and flex the foot as you bend the other knee with your foot on the ground. Twist towards the leg that is flat as you bend the other arm and rest it near your bent knee. Repeat on the other side.


This pose helps with digestion by stretching the upper body and abdomen while relaxing your breathing.

Sit by folding your legs and placing them on your hips. Keep your palm on your knees and your spine straight. Take deep breaths as you concentrate on each one. Stay here for about ten minutes or as long as you comfortably can.

Half-moon Pose

By standing and side-stretching in the half-moon pose you are stretching your stomach and abdomen which helps with digestion.

Stand straight and lift your right hand to bend sideways to your left side. Try to touch the ground with your left hand. Change the hand position and repeat. Try to do this for ten minutes.

Locust Pose

The locust pose puts welcomed pressure on the abdomen to alleviate indigestion and constipation.

Lie facedown on your mat with your fingers interlaced behind you. Inhale and push back through your hands, lifting your chest off the ground. Squeeze your buttocks and hold your thighs in tight while the tops of your feet remain on the floor. Hold this pose for at least 30 seconds.

Instead of lying on the couch after your big meal, start a new tradition by trying these yoga poses with the family. Your stomach will thank you and you probably won’t feel as full and tired!


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