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5 Benefits of Doing Yoga As A Couple


While yoga is typically done solo, bringing plenty of health benefits along with it, it can also be done as a couple with a whole new dimension of advantages.

When you do yoga as a couple you learn to relate to one another better and rely on each other with assisted poses. This leads to benefits that may not be realized when you’re hitting the mat by yourself.

Grab your partner and read on about how yoga can make YOU better and make you both stronger as a couple.

Increased communication and trust

Since most yoga poses require balance, you must trust your partner to have your back…literally. This level of trust can start in the yoga studio and continue when you get home.

In order to do some poses correctly, you must really lean on your partner. You must be vulnerable and completely confident that your partner will take care of you even while communicating non-verbally.

Besides the actual movements, a study conducted by the British Psychological Society found that the rhythmic breathing that couples do as they move through each pose can help them become more attuned to each other. The study also found that matching your partner’s moves can strengthen your bond.

Improved Sex Life

One of the big benefits of doing yoga as a couple can be recognized in the bedroom. Studies have shown that practicing yoga can boost the sex drive. It’s been so helpful that some couples’ therapists are now recommending partner yoga to create stronger relationships and improve their patients’ intimacy together.

It’s likely that yoga can improve your sex life because of the touch and movement involved in the poses.

Many couples begin having problems in their relationships because they feel out of sync or disconnected. When couples move and breathe together in yoga, they can regain some of those feelings and connections that have been lost.

Stronger Bonds

Let’s face it; we all have schedules that leave little room for couples-time. When you’re committed to a yoga class with your partner, you really have no choice but to slow down and concentrate on the poses and each other. This helps to strengthen your bond and sneak in that quality time you may be missing due to the daily grind.

This is uninterrupted time to really spend with each other. Take advantage of it!

Lowers Stress & Teaches You to Let Go

When we’re stressed we may take it out on our partner. Yoga not only lowers stress and anxiety, but it teaches us to let it all go. Yoga can help make us mellower so that we can relax, spend time on ourselves, and enjoy our partner’s company without any arguing or tension.

Whatever it is…take a few deep breaths, focus, and leave all your stress at the door.

Supports the Power of Touch

When you’re practicing yoga with a partner you trust, the power of touch is awakened. Within that power are feelings of love, safety, and acceptance which are all pillars of a solid relationship. Touch is so powerful because it can trigger so many feelings and make us more in tune with one another.

The benefits of doing yoga as a couple go well beyond the mat. So, the next time your partner is around, grab a mat and strike some poses together. Your relationship will be better for it.


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