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10-Minute Guided Meditation for Sleep by Molly Pooler



Falling asleep quickly can be very difficult. Our minds tend to wander and race, thinking about the day and worrying about tomorrow.

Play this ten minute guided meditation when you are ready to go to sleep.

This meditation gives you permission to worry and question the day and then let it go.

Using breath, imagery, and counting - you will find your restless mind begin to untangle and relax.

Remember, mediation is not about clearing your mind but about becoming aware of the thoughts that enter the mind. Allow your thoughts to wash away and enjoy an evening of restful sleep.


About The Writer, Molly Pooler

Molly Pooler is passionate about yoga, mindfulness, recovery, education, and nature. Molly is a 200-hour RYT with over 100 hours of continuing education credits, including a NECTAR certification in trauma-informed and recovery yoga.

Molly also founded Phases Yoga Project, a recovery yoga organization created to bring free yoga to people in recovery from trauma, addiction, mental health, grief and more. Molly also volunteers with the National Park Service, teaching free community yoga under their Healthy Parks, Healthy People initiative.

Specializing in vinyasa and mindful movement, Molly loves to share the gift of connecting mind, body and soul through intentional movement and breath in yoga and guided meditation.

Molly operates on the principle that yoga is for everybody, and works hard to offer as many opportunities for people of all backgrounds, body types, and experiences to practice yoga.


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